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Keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Apple

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Apple

A great way of improving the effectiveness of the way in which we work is to learn a few basic keyboard shortcuts that will help a lot doing day to day operations. Here is a list of the most common and widely used shortcuts and some that are not used so much but still are good to know.

Control key (Windows) = CTRL on your keyboard, located at the bottom on the far left.
And on Mac systems Command key (Apple Mac) = Apple logo on your Mac`s keyboard, located on the left side of the space key

CTRL + A (Command + A) – select(highlight) all

CTRL + C (Command + C) – copy all that is highlighted

CTRL + X (Command + X) – cut all that was copied

CTRL + V (Command + V) – paste all that was copied

CTRL + Z (Command + Z) – UNDO the last bit

CTRL + F (Command + F) – search for specific text

Windows key + E (Command + N) – will open a new explore/finder window

CTRL + T (Command + T) – will open a new tab in most browsers

CTRL + Shift + T – opens the last tab that you have closed by mistake

CTRL + N (Command + N) – will create a new page if your in a browser or a new document page if you are using word for example

CTRL + S (Command + S) – now that you have created a document you can save it automatically

Shift + any of the 4 arrow keys will highlight the text in the direction corresponding to the key

CTRL + P (Command + P) – document created, saved and now PRINT

CTRL + F4 (Command + Q) – will close a window or a document