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Make your PC more accessible

Make your PC more accessible

Depending on your needs there are different ways in which you can make your PC/laptop more accessible. Most people have their own way of working and Windows offers some good options to improve the way we use our computers.

Here are some ways in which a Windows system can be improved. Some of these options might require a bit of more advanced computer skills to be able to access all the options. IF you are having problems then CSD can help. Call us and one of our technicians can make your day to day computer experience more enjoyable


Ease of access options – make changes to be easier to see on the screen


1. Magnifier tool – it enlarges part or all the screen to make it easier to see

2. High contrast – radically changes the contrast on the screen making it easier to distinguish text

3. Turn off animations in Windows

4. Make the cursor thicker

5. Increase the size of the text

6. Using Narrator greatly helps those for who it is easier to hear than to see. With the “Narrator” option ON you can hear audio descriptions of text, buttons and videos

7. You can also change the colour and the size of the mouse pointer

8. Or turning on the mouse keys and controlling the mouse with your keyboard might be a good solution

9. ON-Screen Keyboard enables a virtual keyboard to be displayed on your screen. You can click on any key in order to be able to write. The virtual keyboard will work exactly as a standard physical keyboard

10. Use Sticky Keys if you don`t want to have to press different key combinations all the time

11. If you are prone to pressing Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock accidentally then enabling Toggle Keys will be a great help because every time one of those keys will be pressed you will hear a notification sound

12. Another great help is by turning on “Filter Keys”. With this option enabled if a key is pressed too many times or continuously then the computer will ignore it thus minimizing the risk of accidental typing


These tips will improve the way in which you can use your computer !