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Signs of a faulty hard drive

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Signs of a faulty hard drive

Signs of a faulty hard drive :

  • Computer is slow
  • Applications crash or freeze
  • Strange sounds
  • Computer displays a blue screen
  • Windows does not start
  • You can hear clicking sounds
  • You are experiencing loss of data

Many times different problems with computers can have the same symptoms. A slow computer can mean that the hard drive might be damaged but it can also mean that the system is infected with a virus. To be sure about what the problem is, what caused it and how to prevent it your hard drive needs to be taken to a specialist computer shop !

How to protect your computer`s hard drive and how to avoid data loss:

  • Always avoid shocks. A hard drive`s internal mechanisms are very sensitive and shocks can damage it easily. If you need to move it around (e.g: a hard drive inside a laptop or external hard drive) do so with care, don`t throw it on the table, but place it down gently
  • Be careful about how hot it gets. If it is an internal hard drive, make sure that your laptop`s cooling system works ok. If it is an external hard drive…well… don`t keep it close to where the hot air comes out of your laptop. Or close to any heat sources.
  • Old age and normal wear and tear have influences on your hard drive`s speed and health as well. So if your laptop was bought a long time ago, make a backup of your files on a different hard drive( preferably an external one, that you don`t use very often)