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NAS Drives or Network attached storage back-up and home server

NAS Drives or Network attached storage back-up and home server

One of the most common ways of doing back-ups nowadays except using cloud based options is to use a NAS drive. What is a NAS drive? NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.


The main reason for using it is that it is independent from any PC in your house or office and it can store anything. It is connected to your local network via cable or wirelessly and if configured properly can be accessed from any computer in home or office.


A NAS is also called a home server because it serves the purposes of storing many multimedia files. For example you can have a NAS drive set up so that it holds all of your music that you can stream using your SONOS system, all of your movies that you can watch on your smart TV and also cartoons for your kids.


CSD offers NAS drive back-up solutions that greatly improve your digital sharing experience. We can advise you what to buy based on your budget and can also help you set it up.


Most NAS drives can be accessed remotely over the Internet for greater file sharing flexibility thus making them Web servers as well. Imagine backing up your data and having it accessible from anywhere on any computer that you are working. Assuming that it is set up properly and that you remember the username and the password


To add even more ways to use a NAS drive, models from established manufacturers also offer time machine support thus making it easier to back-up your mac, FTP access, security controls and different RAID set ups.