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Improve your laptop`s battery life

Improve your laptop`s battery life

Here are some easy tips on how to improve your laptop`s battery life

It is important to understand that everything needs power. Seems silly but it is a concept that more often than not gets easily forgotten. Anything from internal components to programs and background processes require power from the battery to run therefore it is important to follow some simple rules to try to get more juice out of your laptop`s battery.

1. Defrag your system

Keeping the files defragmented means that the system will need less time to access your data thus lowering the amount of power needed to run its day to day operations

2. Check what background processes are running

The more programs run in the background the more juice will be drained from the battery. Check to see what programs run at start-up, what processes are running in the background, what automatic scheduled tasks are running at different time intervals and try to optimize all this.

3. Remove external devices

External devices like hard drives also require power to run so if you don`t need them connected all the time safely remove them from your computer and unplug them


If possible avoid using the DVD drive while on battery and try to use the data available on the hard drive

If you need help we are just a phone call away ! CSD can help optimize your system for better performance and to keep the battery juice for longer!

5. Screen brightness

Lowering the screen brightness, changing the time to a couple of minutes for the computer to shut down the screen also helps keep more power in the battery. Also remember that setting the laptop ti hibernate instead of sleep is better because in hibernation mode the computer shuts itself off rather than to keep active in the background

6. Multimedia

Continuously listening to music or watching videos will definitely deplete the battery much faster

7. Overheating

A laptop that has overheating problems will also have battery issues most of the times. First of all additional heat is not good for the battery and secondly the fan will have to run faster to keep the CPU cooled down thus using more power. If the laptop does not get hot but itself than it is wise not to leave it under direct sunlight or in the car

8. Updates

Always a good idea to do system updates and general software updates as these can sometimes help with the way your computer operates, speeding up some applications

9. Remove the battery

If mobile is not something that you need and if you keep your laptop plugged in all time than make sure that the battery has around 40% charge, remove it and sore it in a cool place.