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Browser cookies


Browser cookies

Browser cookies – good or bad ?

What are cookies ?

Computer cookies are small text files, which various web sites store on your computer in order to get specific information from it. Cookies are often being used for easier access to different web sites (these cookies usually save your login information or private details).
In this case, there is no need to be afraid of these small files because they are only capable of helping you and saving your time.

So what do cookies do?

  • Remember the last time you visited.
  • Remember whether you have logged in or not on a secure site like your bank`s website.
  • Remember what you have added to your cart when shopping on sites like Amazon.
  • Remember your personal preferences for the website.
  • Track users through various websites.
  • Track visitors for statistics and demographics.

The bad sign of the coin ?

Among cookies there are tracking cookies. Tracking cookies can be used by various companies to track what you browse. That creates a privacy problem. While cookies are not harmful in the sense that they still passwords or they can store information about what you did online. e.g: websites visited, forms filled or submitted. And that can be used to give you annoying ads or worse to steal information.

How to avoid problems ?

Disable the use of third party cookies and look for add-ons for your browser
Use a good security software