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Windows 7 vs Windows 8

Windows 7 vs Windows 8

Which one to choose? Which operating system brings a better user experience, faster access to your main applications and overall which one is more likely to give you headaches?

It is a well known fact that once you have started using a certain operating system for a long time you feel attached to it and many people feel reluctant to change. With any new operating system there are compatibility issues with existing mainstream applications which combined with the reluctance to chaneg in a way adds injury to insult.But it is not all bad, there are good things and positive improvements in WIndows 8 and in this article we will point a few for you.So without any further ado here are the main differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8

1. Touchscreen

One of the main differences is that the touchscreen function in Windows 8 is far better than in Windows 7. Even though Windows 7 was supporting it still it was quite rudimentary and limited in terms of ease of use.

In Windows 8 the touch gestures are very well integrated and they have a natural feeling.

Also any Windows 8 system can be controlled by using the traditional mouse and keyboard making it available to use for both the touchscreen users and point and click ones.

Also many trackpads nowadays have support for Windows 8 gestures and there are products available from Microsoft and Logitech like touch mice and trackpads with full integrated support.

2. Visuals

Visually the main screen is the big difference. Its tile based layout is radically different than the old desktop that we all have been used to for so many years. And the old start menu is no longer there which proves to be a very big inconvenient for most people but the good news is that Windows 8.1 will bring it back in a revised form. It is all a matter of preference and habit. Some people will dislike it from the start but many will most likely like it.

The old desktop style can also be accessed from the main screen by clicking on a tile called….”desktop”

The main interface is called “Metro” and this look is supported by Windows PCs, laptops, tablets and phones. The tiles can be arranged according to everyone`s preferences, they can be added, removed, moved and grouped.

3. Multiple monitor support

Windows 8 takes multiple monitor support to a new dimension. Now you can have separate desktop wallpapers on different monitors, you can split the screen so you can have the desktop on one side and the new interface on the other. It does take a bit of getting used to but like many other new things time will prove if it is usable or not that much

If you are having problems getting to grips with Windows 8 and if it proves to be more of a headache than an improvement CSD can help you to learn how to use Windows 8 and its new features !

4. Charms

Charms is a brand new feature in Windows 8. They can be accessed by moving the mouse on the right side of the screen or for touch users by simply swiping from right.

It provides quick access to functions like Search, Share, Devices and Settings.

For example the Settings charm gives you access to basic options like volume, network, brightness controls and power options.

4. Search

Searching in Windows 8 is a great improvement. From the main screen without having to choose any specific option you can do a search simply by starting to type what you are looking for. Once the results show up you have the option to change search options from the right

5. Mobile support

Windows 8 supports both x86 based Intel and AMD and the new ARM architecture. Up to Windows 8 Microsoft operating systems were not able to provide support for ARM architecture.

Why is this important? Because the ARM architecture is mainly used for tablets and phones thus making Windows 8 available for all the mainstream devices

6. Buy or download apps

With Windows 8 comes the Windows Store. Similar in its function as the App Store found on Apple systems it allows Windows 8 users to download free applications like Skype or to buy other ones. Also the new Windows 8.1 update can be downloaded through the Windows store.

There are the very useful options called “Top paid” and “Top free” or you can search for apps using the categories.

7. Cloud storage

SkyDrive is a cloud based feature and it is their response to Apple`s iCloud feature. With Skydrive you can sync your data or for example SkyDrive will automatically sync your Internet Explorer`s favourites across multiple devices using SkyDrive