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How to improve iPad battery life

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How to improve iPad Battery Life

Assuming that your Ipad`s battery is still in working order, here are tips that will help improve your Ipad`s battery life. Some of these tips will require certain features to be turned off, so lets see what works for you. In case none of these suggestions will bring god results and if there is any battery problem with your Ipad 1,2,3 or Ipad Mini, our technicians at CSD can repair it for you.


Getting notifications is great but it uses a lot of your Ipad`s battery power. Turn off Lock Screen Notifications is the best way to sort this problem because it will no longer activate your device while you have it in your pocket.

Turning off push notifications will not give you any automatic updates from installed apps e.g: facebook but it will help conserve battery life

To turn off lock screen notifications go to Settings – Notifications and Choose an app and Turn View in Lock Screen to OFF

To disable push notifications go to Settings – Apps section. Select the app and then Select Push Notifications and Turn them OFF

Screen Brightness

The iPad’s Display drains more power than all of the other components. Even though bright display, especially if is automatically controlled, offers a better quality it also decreases faster your ipad`s battery’ life.

By disabling the auto-brightness feature and by adjust the brightness level to a good level will help keep the power in your Ipad`s battery

Disable Wi-fi and Bluetooth connections

When there are no available Wi-Fi connections that you can connect to, your Ipad will keep scanning for available ones. It is useful but it also uses battery power. If wi-fi is not needed than disable it to improve your Ipad`s battery life

Same principle applies to bluetooth as well. If you do not need it then turn it off

To Turn WiFi off go to Settings and then Choose WiFi and Slide it to Off

To Turn Bluetooth off go to Settings- General, then go to Bluetooth and turn it OFF

Don`t use data services if you don`t need them

If you are home or some place without any signal coverage turning off “Cellular Data” is a good way to keep your Ipad happy. This will stop your Ipad from connecting to ANY wireless connections and there won`t be any working internet connection available.

Turning off 4G LTE is another good way of saving power. 4G LTE provides faster speed but if it is not needed then you can switch it off

Auto screen-lock

The less amount of time the Ipad needs to turn the screen off the more power it will save. Considering this, setting the screen-lock to 2 minutes will help reduce the amount of time that the screen stays on, thus further improving your Ipad`s battery life

To enable Auto Screen Lock go to Settings – General and Choose Auto-Lock

Watching videos and listening to music

As a general rule, the less you listen to music on your device or, even better, the less videos you watch the more battery time you will have

Limit Syncing

Content syncing is definitely a very useful option but it also has a disadvantage of decreasing your Ipad`s battery life. By automatically checking and synchronising new data like emails or IM your Ipad will use more power. Try limiting syncing to hourly checks or even setting it up to run manually.

To Limit Syncing go to Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars Turn PUSH OFF and then set FETCH to Manually

Turn OFF location services

Location services allow your Ipad to share you location. This can be helpful if you are using the GPS in your app but it also drains power from the battery

To disable All Location Services go to Settings then Choose Location Services and Turn them OFF

Keep your Ipad away from high or very low temperatures

Very high or very low temperatures can decrease your Ipad`s battery life. A good enviroment is between 32°F and 95°F (0°C to 35°C)

Always update your Ipad`s software

Updates can bring new ways to optimize your Ipad`s battery life and performance

In case none of these suggestions worked for you and if there is any battery problem with your Ipad 1,2,3 or Ipad Mini, our technicians at CSD can repair it for you.