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Business IT Solutions

Business IT Solutions

Are you tired of working around your computer systems? Let us help your computers work for you. CSD specializes in helping small businesses with technology. We are dedicated to quality service and treat our customer’s computer systems as though they were our own.
We provide onsite technical support services for business professionals, business owners, and small and medium-sized businesses. We can troubleshoot all office computing issues ranging from email functions to securing networks, from performing backups to resolving any hardware or software issue you may encounter. Help ensure your success by protecting your hardware investment with dependable service from CSD.

Data & System Protection

Computers are like cars, they must be regularly cleaned and optimized to prevent major problems from occurring. Backing up data is critically important for a business. Let us work with you to implement a backup plan that will quickly restore sanity in the event of a crash.

Technology Purchasing

Be sure you are making the right decisions when planning a major tech purchase. The exact equipment needed to accomplish your business goals is not always clear, but we can shine some light on the situation. Just tell us what you want to accomplish and we’ll find you the right system(s). We have no brand loyalty, so if a company or system isn’t up to par, we’ll let you know before you find out the hard way.

Web Presence

Whatever your online goals may be, we can help you reach them. If you don’t have a site yet, we can get you one that fits your company’s specific goals and budget. Or if you have an existing website that you want to refine, refocus, overhaul, or upgrade, we can help with that too. Our staff members have a minimum of 6 years of Internet experience; we’ve been there for the entire dot-com ride.

Staff Training

We’re happy to train employees, guarding against the financial expenditure of staff members struggling to accomplish computer tasks in a timely fashion. More importantly we stress safe computing habits, such as performing routine data backups and keeping systems in good working order through proper maintenance.

Privacy & Security

Keep your company computers free from ads and secure from prying eyes. Many programs you or staff members install can be bundled with software that spies on your computer use for marketing purposes, identity theft, or fraud. Learn safe computing practices like how to keep the sensitive information stored on your PC safe. Having the latest virus protection installed is of paramount importance. On average, one in seven e-mail messages contains malicious code. Websites can spread viruses simply by browsing them.