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Advantages of using Linux vs Windows

Advantages of using Linux vs Windows

Linux is not an operating system widely used and most computer users certainly don`t feel any inclination towards using it. It is more like one of those geek names that …well geeks would know about.At least at first sight this might seem like a plausible explanation but there is a lot of myth and mystery surrounding linux for the common computer user.In the last years the open-source linux community has evolved a lot bringing operating systems that have a really nice graphical interface which makes it easy to use and it is quite intuitive too.

Here are some advantages why Linux is a better choice than Windows and while this post is not meant to denigrate in any way Windows operating systems or to try to impose Linux over Windows it will try to shed some light over what Linux is, what it can do and how it might help you.

1. The biggest advantage – Open Source

Any operating system from either Microsoft or Apple needs to be bought in order for anyone to be able to use it. While this is a fair thing to do with respect to software developed by any of this two companies 90% of all Linux operating systems are free of charge.

It means that you can download the distro that you like and install on your machine.

Two of the most widely used distributions are Ubuntu and Mint, they look very nice, are intuitive but same like with a new Windows operating system they need a bit of time to get used to.

The point is that they are free and they look very user friendly

2. Stability

By far any Linux operating system is more stable than any Windows operating system. Many Windows users have had problems when their computers shut down unexpectedly and after that Windows failed to start. Many errors, crashes are gone with Linux. It is not perfect but it offers greater stability

3. System resources

Linux needs much less system resources to run properly compared to other versions of Windows and MacOs that have specific system requirements. While of course it has minimum hardware requirements those minimum requirements are really brought down to a minimum

4. Security

There are no known viruses for Linux. That being said through the Software Centre users can download and install various security software. Better safe than sorry as you never know when a virus will show up

5. Software

Same like Windows, Linux has its own versions of the most commonly used software for chat, email, word processing, graphic and video editing and many more. All this free of charge

Here at CSD we specialize in the installation, configuration and the set up based on our customers needs for any operating system. Either it is Linux, MacOs or Windows we can help with any of these choices. And if you want to give Linux a try? No problem ! One of our technicians can do that and get you up and running in no time !

6. Multiple displays

In Linux it is very easy to have different desktops due to its feature called “Workspaces”. Imagine having 2 monitors that can display different things, with “Workspaces” you can have exactly the same thing but with one monitor. This allows you to work more efficiently by separating your work with different workspaces

7. How it looks

Linux desktop wallpapers, brightness, screen savers, themes, power settings, network connections and many more can be accessed easily from its System Settings panel. Same like in Control Panel in Windows

8. System maintenance

Due to its stability Linux hardly needs any optimization. While you can still choose what programs run at start-up you won`t have to worry about defragmentation because Linux does it automatically for you