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How to boost your WIFI signal


The most common issues regarding wireless connectivity are dropping WI-FI signals, dead zones that receive little or no signal at all and slow performance.

The most important aspects for a WI-FI connection are speed and distance.

Depending on your setup you can have only good speed without the need of caring about the distance e.g: your PC is very close to the router.

However the distance and the objects between your PC and the router will often dictate the quality of your WI-FI connection. e.g: how many walls are in between and other large, metallic objects.

Sometimes having WiFi issues can be only because of the driver software for your computer wifi card needs updating or in some cases the firmware on your router has to be updated.

So here are a few easy steps you can follow that should help you improve the WI-FI connection:

1. If Possible place your router as close to the area(s) where you want to have a good WI-FI coverage.

2. Don’t place large metal objects between your computer and the router.

3. Place your router not on the floor and far from cordless phones and microwaves because the waves emitted by those can interfere with radio reception.

4. Improve the WI-FI signal by installing a repeater or a Powerline adapter. A WiFi repeater can be used to boost the signal strength in areas where the reception is poor.

Some of these features may require you to change certain settings. If you are unsure of what to do or what repeater/powerline devices are the best for your palce

one of our technicians at CSD can help you